Stirling is highly skilled and experienced in formatting dissertations (both Word and pdf versions).  His capability and competence are matched by his efficiency and reliability.  I am very grateful for all the help and attention he gave to ensure my dissertation’s format met the department’s requirements.
-C.Lui – Doctorate of Education (EDLF)

Stirling took all of the stress out of the approval and ETD process. He immediately turned around any formatting change requests and allowed me to meet all requests and resubmit with remarkable speed. Stirling’s almost instantaneous responses were such a breath of fresh air and were a difference maker for me. I felt like I had a professional in my corner and it was an awesome feeling.
-J. Perkins – Doctorate of Educational Leadership

Stirling was a great editor for my dissertation ETD and is a great person. He is very collaborate, efficient, responsive, and has good ethics. He knows all the techniques to save a lot of time. With his help, none of my time was wasted during the whole process.
-H. Tang – Doctorate of Education



Stirling was very professional.  Stirling has experience with the process and can help walk you through what to do.  He said that he would stay with me through the approval process, and he did!    Any revisions to the ETD that were requested by the department or school were completed swiftly, generally within the same day.  If he had a question about a revision request, he went straight to the Dean’s Office to get answers.  His help was invaluable!  The process would have been miserable without his knowledge and skills.  Having Stirling as my advocate made me feel confident that everything would work out.  He kept his word.  He was efficient.  He was easy to work with.  He was available.  I would not want to navigate the ETD process without him.  That would be a mistake!
-M. Mendenhall- Master of Arts, Teacher Education, Integrated STEM emphasis

I had nothing but peace of mind throughout the entire ETD process. Stirling responded to any changes that needed to be made within 60 minutes, and his quick work helped me meet every deadline easily. Stirling saved me countless hours that, as a full-time teacher and administrator, would have been difficult for me to find in my busy schedule. Thank you!
-K. Larsen, Master of Arts in Teacher Education

Because I wrote my dissertation on a Mac there were conversion nightmares all along the path to the ETD product. Additionally, I was up against a deadline, Enter Stirling. Each time we met or communicated he was calm and optimistic. I appreciated his technological talents, but his confident demeanor was even more important to me. I would not be graduating without Stirling’s expertise. He saved me time and stress at a time of upheaval. I am so grateful to Stirling for his service to me.
-C, Farnworth, Doctorate of Education (EDLF)

Stirling was extremely helpful and very prompt. He did a great job with very little time. It was obvious that he was sincerely interested in helping me.  I had very little trouble submitting the ETD because of Stirling’s good work. I would highly recommend him.
-A. Grow, Master of Arts in Comparative Studies