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Format and PDF – One Time ContractFormat and PDF

By choosing this service option, you contract my services to only format your thesis or dissertation. This includes a check of your headings and all other needs for BYU Grad Studies requirements.


DISCLAIMER: If you anticipate major changes are going to be made to your paper, wait until those changes are made and then choose this option. If this option is chosen and then you need an additional reformatting of your paper after I have done so because of a rejection in the approval process, cost of that reformatting will be $30/hour if you want to continue to work with me.

Format and PDF – Full ETD Process ContractFormat and PDF - Full Semester

This service option covers formatting for any and all levels within the ETD approval process. This includes taking care of every rejection, from any individual across the process.


DISCLAIMER: In the event that your deadline gets pushed to another semester, and you want to retain my services, there will be an additional cost of $100 for each semester extended.

DISCLAIMER: None of these contracts guarantee approval by your deadline. Too many people are involved in the approval process for me to give any guarantee. The full acceptance is mostly out of my hands. But I will make your paper fit your department standards and current Grad Studies requirements. In the event you aren’t approved by your chosen deadline, and the problem was something you contracted me to do, I will provide my services until your approval free of charge.